Anonymous asked: what other drugs have you done? are they better than pot?

I’ve done quite a few others lmao they’re fun and all but pot will always be my favorite 

Anonymous asked: where do you eat when you got the worst munchies?

WHATABURGER. It’s like the main reason I like living in Texas 

Anonymous asked: Alright so, I wanna start smoking new things so whhats your favorite strain or some you reccomend?? thankssssssss

LA Confidential is one of my faves tbh like just a great smell and a even better high. 

But other than that, Granddaddy Purp, Fruity Pebbles, Sour D’s pretty cool too 




Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

I remember hearing about her strain. This is neat.

LTMC: But remember, Drug Prohibition is to protect the children.

my phone stay on silent when im stoned because the random noises it makes scare me tbh

Do you guys ever think back to when you first started smoking and like a 20 will last you the whole week and you’d get blowed on so little

then now a 20 might last you like two days tops and you smoke so much more to get blowed and you’re like deng did i really smoke that much