Anonymous asked: recommend anything to do when high?

idk i just chill and netflix surf, jam out or eat really. but lets be real, anything is good to do when high lol 

Anonymous asked: when you smoke blunts what are your favorite blunts to use?

white owl (-: mainly white grape but they’re all fine 

Anonymous asked: scrolled through your blog and i want to smoke a fat one with you!

hell yeah 

parris-mariee asked: I still started following your blog a few seconds ago, and I already love it. Everything on here is so true

ur real 

Anonymous asked: what other drugs have you done? are they better than pot?

I’ve done quite a few others lmao they’re fun and all but pot will always be my favorite 

Anonymous asked: where do you eat when you got the worst munchies?

WHATABURGER. It’s like the main reason I like living in Texas 

Anonymous asked: Alright so, I wanna start smoking new things so whhats your favorite strain or some you reccomend?? thankssssssss

LA Confidential is one of my faves tbh like just a great smell and a even better high. 

But other than that, Granddaddy Purp, Fruity Pebbles, Sour D’s pretty cool too 




Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

I remember hearing about her strain. This is neat.

LTMC: But remember, Drug Prohibition is to protect the children.