Anonymous asked: Did you like Molly? I want to try it, but a little scared really.

i like it a lot more than i should lol but i dont wanna encourage u to do anything tho just kno its never a bad thing to experiment with other drugs just be around good vibes if u ever get to the point of actually doing it (-: 

Anonymous asked: what other drugs have you done other than weed?

molly, shrooms, acid and ecstasy lol 

Anonymous asked: what do you do to mask the smell of pot? i cant ever get rid of it :x

I just light a candle and open a window tbh but like u can get incense, while smoking u can pull that trick with a roll of whatever stuff it with those laundry sheets and blow the smoke through there when actually smoking, febreeze the fuck out of ur room lol idk i don’t really trouble with hiding the smell anymore 

Anonymous asked: Why do you like to get high? What's the real reason?

i meannnnnnnn there’s a lot of reasons but /have you listened to music stoned/ that shits gr8 

Anonymous asked: are you ever going to post again? ):

i have to get photoshop again and im lazy and never come around to getting it like sorry man i’ll post eventually )-: 

Anonymous asked: What do you watch on Netflix?

lately i’ve been watching the tudors but they killed off the girl i liked so i watch shit like the boondocks, that 70s show, house, bobs burgers, etc etc etc 

Anonymous asked: recommend anything to do when high?

idk i just chill and netflix surf, jam out or eat really. but lets be real, anything is good to do when high lol 

Anonymous asked: when you smoke blunts what are your favorite blunts to use?

white owl (-: mainly white grape but they’re all fine 

Anonymous asked: scrolled through your blog and i want to smoke a fat one with you!

hell yeah 

parris-mariee asked: I still started following your blog a few seconds ago, and I already love it. Everything on here is so true

ur real